Scoliosis Campaign Fund Run

As we seem to be blogging about people raising money of late, Laura pone of our very own moderators on the How To Look Good Twisted fan page, sent me some details of other people who are raising money for the SCF. Teamscoliosis will be running 13.1 miles which starts and finishes at the O2 Arena, London, 28th October, 2012.

The people who are running this 13 miles were inspired to do this by one of our very own Moderators, Laura Campbell.

They said

"Our friend Laura has suffered with scoliosis since she was 13. At 18 her curve had progressed to 72 degrees and she underwent 10 hours of major life threatening surgery at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, when surgeons drilled titanium rods and screws into her spine to straighten it. After three days in intensive care and a week in hospital, Laura made a great recovery. However, she has since broken her back twice and two years ago her spine showed further signs of curving. She has recently had to have three more major operations to add more rods and screws down into her pelvis.

So after seeing what a painful struggle it can be to cope with this condition, we would love to raise as much money as possible for The Scoliosis Campaign Fund and perhaps help to improve treatment and support for patients"

ScoliosisNutty would like to wish them well for this weekend and hope you can raise a good amount of money for this event that will help people with Scoliosis.

You can donate to their charity page and pay with either Visa, Mastercard, Delta, etc

Good luck guys and thanks for sharing

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