Power Plate: The Second Batch!

So, here we are again, back at the gym after a 2 week break (a much needed one!). I must admit I was a little "ugh I don't want to start beating up my body again" but as per usual I surprise myself at what this twisty body of mine can actually achieve!

We talked about how I was doing Power Plate twice weekly now, however, I have noticed that I am a little knackered after doing these exercises every Tuesday and Thursday so this week I decided to go back to once a week and see how that makes me feel. I will use the time I would have spent at the gym on Thursdays to concentrate on my yoga, plus I will be utilising my exercise ball to keep up with my sit ups. I am also swimming daily which is helping a great deal - now all I have to do is stop eating so many carbs! ;=)

I always start my routine with squats and I am doing this so much better now, the strength in my legs is so much greater which of course has positive benefits to my lower spine.

Below I have added some images for you to see me actually on the Power Plate vs talking about it all the time!
Power Plate Cellulite
Massaging my cellulite

Straight legs, supported by arms, tightening of stomach

Tricep dip using a ball
Leg lunges

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