Power Plate Part IV

WOW! I can't believe it I have been doing this gym thing now for 4 weeks and my trainer Daisy Hudson is really starting to crack the whip with me and boy oh boy can I feel it!

Now, as I mentioned before with my previous gym efforts, it had all gone very sour by now, simply because I had over strained something and the trainer didn't understand the mechanics of a twisted spine, however, this time round is very, very different. Daisy has listened to my tales of woe regarding my back, tried her best to understand what I can and cannot do due to the Harrington Rod and generally been a great support for my work-outs - I am starting to love it!

As per usual I started off with the Power Plate session which lasts just 20 minutes, Daisy works a lot on my legs during this time and I carry out a lot of squat movements 1of which is a deep squat for 45 seconds - she has me laying on both sides for cellulite which is also a bit of a time out and relaxation. We then do some of the yoga movements I have been doing for many years, such as "The Warrior" pose. Now I am into week 4 the intensity has been moved up slightly and the length of time - we started with 30 seconds per movement and I am now on 45 seconds. I am even doing "girly" push-ups - amazing I can actually even try!

I went to see Daisy on Saturday and while there we got talking about my gym efforts, my main concern was the stomach, all the years of exercising to keep strong core muscles, my stomach has always been left out - it is also the most difficult part on a Scoliosis patient to treat as we struggle with sit-ups - normal push-ups, crunches and the like. So, Daisy got out her gym ball and showed me some small movements I could make using the ball - I managed beyond belief to do small sit-ups and today I can feel it in my stomach (OUCHY hahaha).

When I went back to the gym on Tuesday I wanted to get working on my abs as we had discussed the previous Saturday, so after the Power Plate session Daisy took me over to the "Parallel Abs" machine.

What is the Parallel Abs Machine?
Well, simplu put, it is the best machine for getting rid of the ab fat. Our abdomens are the most sensitive and important part of our bodies. It is the first place where the unwanted fat continues to accumulate.

Anyway, I did as I was told and was surpirsed at how comfortable this machine was for someone with such a straight back, I fitted into the handles nice and was able to bring my legs up to my chest (with knees bent) for 25 repetitions. I didn't do these reps all at once, I did 12, stopped and then did a further 10, stopped and fitted in the extra 3 at the end :)

Gym Ball & Sit Ups

Along with all this other exciting exercise I also had another go with a gym ball. I laid back on the ball and shifted forward until the arch of my back and knees were comfortbale. I then raised my neck and head as if I were holding an orange under my chin before laying back down again. I managed to 45 of these in repetitions of 15, a 30 second wait, followed by the next 15. This is what I can feel in my stomach muscles today and I have to say I love the feeling of knowing I am doing some good to my core muslces and hope I can strengthen some lower back tissue while I am at it! Along with the sit ups I did another movement with the ball where I sat down straight (not hard for many twisties hehehe), head up and then raised my leg out straight, swapped legs and raised, in repetitions of 20 - I did this 4 times managing to achieve 80 of these movements (40 per leg).

So, after all that I hear you wonder what pains I am getting as a result of this? Well last week I did feel some shooting pains in the lumbar (which to be fair is nothing new for me anyway), I think this was a direct result of the sitting down movement I did on the Power Plate without a cushion for support - this week we had a cushion and those pains have ceased. Natutrally my legs ache from the training and my arms a little too - I am very weak in my upper body so I hope this will improve. I do feel much better in overall health, dare I say a little sprightly at times? I was expecting some stiffness when I got up from chairs but so far fingers crossed this has not happened. Long may this continue and I will keep writing about the experiences of the gym, power plate, yoga and a gym ball!

Perhaps a twisty really can conquer the world?


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