A Fellow Scoliotic Starts Local Charity in Kenya for youths

A few years ago I started talking with a lovely guy who lives in Kenya. He discovered he had Scoliosis and contacted me via the website, I tried my best to advise him on how to manage his Scoliosis and the pains he was experiencing. In March this year he contacted me again and I was delighted with the news he had for me

"I am glad to inform you that I have started my own charity organization"

I was so pleased for the Scoliosis community around the World, it makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside to know there really are some amazing people out there doing exceptional work for others in pain, while suffering themselves!

I would like to personally congratulate Sammy in his quest for helping the youths of Kenya in learning a new trade. You are an inspiration my friend, good luck with your project. Simone Icough

I am 26 years old from Western Kenya in Africa. I suffered scoliosis 5 years ago while I  was 20 years old, the condition affected me adversely. I tried different types of medication but it couldn’t help. I was admitted to Eldoret Referral hospital and the radiologist reported spinal cord complications due to scoliosis. I was given remedial measures such as cossets and other stuff that would help straighten my back.   At this point I had completely become paraplegic, I left hospital in a wheel chair!

This was a deep shock for me because I did not expect that. After being released from hospital I could not go back to the city (Nairobi) to continue with my Diploma in architecture ( the college does not have the infrastructure for wheelchairs).  My  life came to a standstill. I spent four years indoors doing nothing actually, then one day as I was doing some research  on the internet and I came across Simone Icough (who also had scoliosis ). Simone gave me advice on how to manage my scoliosis, she also sent me Yoga scans along with instructions on how to do some of the exercises. These exercises have made my back strong as in I can now sit and work for longer hours without getting tired unlike before.

I did the exercises for around six months and I felt a big difference in my body. After discovering that my back was stronger I had to do something with myself instead of idling in the house all day. I have a great interest in computers and electronics. Many youths in Kenya are computer illiterate and do not have a clue in the information technology. I ventured into this worthy course. To teach unfortunate youths in the village basic computer skills on a voluntary basis. I started teaching the youths in my home. Many youths were delighted by the knowledge and started attending in large many numbers.

After this I had to search for a different building outside my home for the privacy of our family. I found a building some five miles from my home. At this place I have encouraged many youths to take up computer classes and the response has been overwhelming, since I started the program eight months ago I have taught 17 youths computer skills. Those who have  successfully completed  the course have moved to bigger towns to search for jobs in the information technology sector. Others have started small businesses of their own that deal with typesetting, printing, and book keeping. This has made me proud of myself and it is what keeps me going.  

Challenges They are some challenges that I go through day to day when I am running my program, they include
the number of youths that want to join the classes is too big while the machines are few ( 4 computers) to cater for all.

The building that I have rented is small; it only accommodates four students per lesson of two hours. I am the only instructor and I have to teach for 8 hours a day. I need to hire two instructors who can assist me in teaching.


My program started as a hobby I love computers and now it is having a great impact in this rural village. I appeal for anyone willing to support me in this program to join hands with me and together we will eradicate illiteracy and poverty among the jobless and unfortunate youths in this part of the world. 

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