Oh my holy ghost.

Hey everyone!
Hi to everyone, especially Simone!
Oh my holy ghost.
I totally forgot about this blog for about a year, I hope I'm still welcome!
Truth is... I lost my password.
But now I'm back :)
Just tell me to get lost if you like hahaha, I totally ditched the scoliosis community for a long time!
Well just to let you know, my spine is now at 16 degrees both curves (i think) and has been for the past year or so.
I am still undergoing bracing -.- which is so very very annoying and really hard on hot scorching days like this!
But I will probably be done with bracing and with worrying about scoliosis for life by February! Which will be really exciting for me, for my 16th birthday I will be brace free! I haven't been brace free since the 7th of March 2008.
Anyway I'm sorry I was momentarily lost in cyberspace, I promise I will still keep in touch after I'm done with my brace and answer first-timer brace-wearers' questions. I have about 3 years experience with bracing now hahaha :)
My curves were 31 degrees each when discovered.
And also for more about me, I have a new blog at http://izzletayfouetted.blogspot.com/ I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link that here, just remove it if it's not allowed, I don't mind.
I'm sorry again simone! I hope you will accept me back :) Hope you are well as well :) How are you? how is your back?

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