... And a Merry-Countdown-to-the-New-Cycle-of-Days-Weeks-and-Months!

Some of you may be looking at the time stamp and be asking yourselves, Just what sort of ten flavors of pathetic is Kathleen to be writing a blog on Christmas Day... at 1:00 pm? Well, I would list out said ten flavors of pathetic but really, that would just be another few minutes of me on the internet instead of gorging myself with the various delectable goodies that my Grandma is currently setting out for the family to enjoy. And as a grandma, she knows what sort of goodies are required for any and all occasions (Weddings? Petit-fours! Funerals? Casseroles with potato chip crusts! Just kidding, as Canadians we do not approve of potato chips on our casseroles.)

The long and short of it my fellow Scoliotics, is that it is the holiday season, and as such we are often told to take a moment and consider the grandeur that we all have, and how lucky we are to be spending the holiday's with the ones we love (or, in some cases, the ones we barely stand.) Life can be rough sometimes, we get trapped in these endless cycles of self-pity and disparaging thoughts about ourselves and our genetics. On more than one occasion I've spent the holidays on my back - er - side, thanks to surgeries. It isn't fun, I wouldn't repeat the experience if I could avoid it. But despite it all I know I'm lucky to be where I am and with the family who has provided an endless pillar of strength for me to depend upon when times get rough. We may all suffer in silence, but we don't suffer alone.

So, my dears, as we go off to share the holiday season (in whatever form it may take for you), I leave you with a short quote from the wisest of the wise... The Muppets.

Merry Christmas!


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