Life and Lyrica!

Well I am having a bad day but on a professional level so I decided to take some time out to breathe and calm down and writing helps me do this :)

I have been on Lyrica now since the 12th July, 2010 and we have had some interesting moments! I am definitely a different person, not quite on the ball as I used to be, I am delayed in my reactions to everything, I am always tired and lethargic and I forget what I am doing ALL the time, I walk into a room and say "what am I doing in here?" a few minutes later I will go "oh yeah, I remember now", not me at all and not sure I like that, what is this drug doing to my brain exactly? My periods are all over the place, I was late by 2 weeks last time and only bled for 2 days - this is most unusual for my cycle as for years, since the age of 14 I have been regular and lasted fror 5 days so I guess Lyrica is playing a part in that also. I think I read somewhere that Lyrica makes you infertile but if you consider we are trying to adopt anyway then that side of things doesn't really bother me that much. My sex drive has depleted to practically zero which is a worry as I am a married woman and a man needs sex in his life -  I guess a blow up doll will be on the Christmas list this year hahaha!

Now let's discuss the reason why I went on these drugs in the first place - PAIN, PAIN and more fecking PAIN! Guess what? The nerve pain is a distant memory and I have not complained of that since the 11th of July, 2010. The donor site scar is still swelling and reducing but I cannot feel that at all, in fact I went to a waterfall the other day and laid under the gushing water and didn't complain that it hurt, on a Lyrica free day there is just no way I would have been able to stand the water pressure on that part of my back but on Lyrica I am right there getting into all of it and being more mobile which is just bloody amazing if you ask me!

If you want to see the waterfalls then view my album "Barranco Blanco"

So, so far so good, fortunately I work from home every day so if I am having a funny turn I can go and lay down, I have to say that my "funny turns" happen more often than not and last night I couldn't lift my head up because vision was seriously off the wall, seeing shapes, feeling light headed and a bit wobbly, I am making sure I eat breakfast, have a cup of tea and some juice and then I take my pills, I do the same in the evening, I have taken these pills on an empty stomach before now and I DO NOT ADVISE it, the sickness and un-well feeling is simply stronger if you have an empty stomach.

I am not sure how long I have to stay on these drugs, if they are for life or what but I am sure the Dr will tell me in good time - I must admit I am already worrying about when I do have to come off, will I be able to cope with the pain like I was doing before?

My mobility has been largely increased and I am so much more active which makes my life a lot better, I have been able to go out and socialise more, enjoy myself with friends, go out for dinner mid week, do gardening, walking and even some climbing!

However, every single morning I have awful pain in the lower back which I am really not sure what that is or why, I wake usually around 8am, try and roll over but scream out because the pain is shooting straight up my back, I feel - and I know this will sound silly - twisted! Once I am up and out of bed I am much better after a few hours but I am taking more Ibuprofen than I ever did before, I never had this problem before Lyrica came into my life..............

So, there we have it, Simone Icough and life on Lyrica with Scoliosis, would love to hear from others on the same medication so we can compare notes hahaha

Laters twisties and speak soon on various places around the net!

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