How To Look Good Naked

A friend of mine, Simon Wainwright, bit the bullet and applied for How To Look Good Naked with Gok Wan. His TV appearance aired last night on Channel 4 and he was fantastic!

We have been running features on Simon in our Facebook Group, so we can follow his progress and support him during his time of filming and questions!

We are very proud of Simon taking the challenge for all Scoliosis people out there.

We have been discussing clothes for people with Scoliosis for some time now and still we are debating what is best to suit the curves, trousers, bras and strappy tops are the big offenders in a person with Scoliosis so we look forward to the tips that will come on the show. We could do with a woman being featured next as the male body is different to the female but at least we have someone fighting our corner, I hope the show brings more awareness for people with Scoliosis! We are so glad you look good naked and twisted :)

I asked Simon for a little interview so I could publish his thougts on the experience instead of mine

Tell us about Scheuermann’s Disorder. How did this affect you?
Scheuermann's Kyphosis is developmental disorder that causes patients to have a stooped forward or bent-over posture as a result of excessive curvature of the thoracic spine. This condition affects between 0.5% and 8% of the general population, and is more common in boys than in girls. It affected me a great deal as a child growing up. I was bullied and got called names like "hunchback" which really got to me. I never used to go swimming or play many sports if it involved taking my top off. It has affected me thoughout my teens right though to a few years ago when I had to fight the hospitals to operate on me. I joined a patient-led support site called which gives support to people with spinal curvatures and this helped me to feel less alone and gave me the strength to fight for treatment. In March 2008 I finally had an operation to correct my curve and try to reduce my pain. Up to now it's been a bit of hit and miss; my back is straight but I need more surgery due to the complexity of the ongoing effects of my first operation.

Information about Scheuermann's Disorder can be found on our website
Information on Scheuermann's Kyphosis can be found on our website

How did your confidence change before and after your operation?
In a sort of a strange way my confidence was not too bad. Before my operation I was the party person that used to laugh and dance on a night out with my mates - I was an outgoing person who could talk to pretty much anyone. After my operation my confidence dwindled rapidly due to me staying in bed for months and being in pain and not seeing my friends or being able to go out cause of my operation. Also, when I did go out I looked skinnier because my back was so straight and that made things even worse, so I wore 4/5 tshirts under a shirt to bulk me up. I never went swimming, never took my top off to go sunbathing, and never took my tops off in my relationships - I always took them off in the bathroom before bed. My confidence just hit rock bottom.

As the first man to be transformed by Gok, how would you sum up your experiences?
What a mad mad experience! Gok has shown me to love my body the way it is, and to look in the mirror and see me myself, rather than my kyphosis/curve. The mirror moment and the naked poster reveal in front of hundreds of people was the start of me saying to myself "I ain't got a bad body", and since then I gradually started to love the way I looked and love myself despite my curve .

What is your favourite part of your body?
This is a hard question to answer because I love all of my body now, but if I had to say one thing it would have to be my eyes - lots of people comment on how blue they are.

What do you wear on a night out these days?
My outfit for last Saturday night consisted of skinny black jeans, a white skinny fit shirt with a tie and cardigon, and Jeffery West winkle-toe it.

What do you think has been the biggest challenge for you during this experience?
My haircut and getting naked on that catwalk! I loved my hair and didn't think it would look good short, but it looks great - stylish and modern and makes me look a bit younger. The catwalk was a challenge in itself but the crowd was amazing and I looked amazing and I rocked the catwalk. Brillant experience.

What is your favourite fashion tip?
Try to be individual. Fitted t-shirts are a good item of clothing! V-necks are too. Wear what you feel comfortable in. And, for all you men out there, Moisturise morning and night - it's a must!

What would your advice be to other men out there who might be suffering from a lack of body confidence?
Never suffer in silence: always ask for help if you need it, and explore every avenue. And remember You all look good naked!

Do you Look Good Naked?
Oh yeah, more than ever............. or can I say....let's let the viewers decide that!

Simon's Catwalk Video

Here is what Gok Wan has to say about his new show
"Working on How To Look Good Naked … With a Difference was an amazing experience for everyone involved. The women, who gave their stories to us to film, are courageous members of our society who just wanted to be heard regardless of their disabilities.

These shows go beyond clothes and haircuts: they carefully and compassionately illustrate that all women, without prejudice, deserve to feel good in their own skin. It is hard to believe there are still taboos around discussing disabilities when so many people in the UK are living with them.

We cannot take this lightly, and a difference needs to be made. How To Look Good Naked is an inclusive show which tackles many body issues, from weight gain to weight loss, from body hatred to lack of body identity, and there was a need to include disabilities within its ethos. I am very proud of what we have produced and I truly believe these three incredible programmes will help us to break down some archaic stereotypes and also to find a way to accept that we are all individuals."

Gok's Top Tips for Dressing with a Difference:
Don’t be afraid of fashion just because you have a disability.
Like any able bodied person, underwear is key to getting your outfit right.
Customizing is a must! Find a local tailor/seamstress that can work her magic - it will open up your options.
Commit to a couple of different of styles each season and this will help with your body confidence.
The most important thing to remember is that people are looking at you and NOT at your disability - so hold your head high and feel proud of who you are!

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