A Day of Living Hell!

It started so well, we casually gathered our belongings as we were heading down to the coast so my husband could play poker with his friends, stay at our townhouse and then get up the next day and finish off the last few bits before our guests arrive on Sunday for 3 months, from Canda.

We spent a few hours at our friend's house, Chris played poker while I chatted to my girlfriend, Karen. I was comfortable while at their house, we were sat on a swing which has good support for the back and not too soft.

This morning we went out for breakfast and I was fine, although feeling the effects of the bottle and a half of wine we drank each, hehehe. We then had to go to the shop and buy some curtain ends, nothing too exciting or over strenuous!

Back at the house we put curtains up, checked the internet was on as planned and I cleaned the windows and did some light pruning in the garden, the plumbago and gazanias are amazingly large now so I cut them back and cleaned up after myself, standard stuff really and again nothing too strenuous, however, during this time I could feel a strong pain starting to gain on me. A few bends later and that was it WALLOP,  take that Simone Icough.

I have been unable to stand up properly since, the pain as usual is coming from the nerves in the donor site that were severed all those years ago when I had my harrington rod inserted. I can stand fairly straight if I hold onto something tightly but if I try and stand upright on my own the pain is too intense, so I bend at the knee to try and get the right angle. I am however, able to sit on the sofa with my legs crossed and neck back, it is just the standing and walking I cannot accomplish right now.

This pain has really got me down, I do not deserve this, I mean come on, all I did was go for a 30 minute drive in the car, sit and chat with a friend and then clean some chuffing windows, a bit of hoovering and light gardening (my garden in Torreblanca is hardly taxing it is so small), I really begrudge this, I want to be out in the garden fiddling with various things and enjoying this lovely day, instead I am writhing in pain and not knowing where I can get comfortable, feeling a little sorry for myself and really pissed off with the fact I have Scoliosis at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have been to see the Dr I know this pain is never ending and I am struggling still to deal with that message, I have been told to go and see another Dr for a second opinion and as I am entitled to do so I will speak to others and see what the general consenus is. I am just so pleased and fortunate to have a wonderful man in my life Chris Icough, he is not the best man when it comes to caring for people I have to say, however, he knows what I need when I am like this and the support he gives me is incredible, he loves me with all his heart and will listen to my woes and cuddle me when I am feeling like shit and most of all, he will take the pressure away from me and today when we were at the house he just coped and did the chores I was trying to do. I love you Chris Icough and thanks for everything you do for me on a daily basis, you make my life complete and you also make it easier for me, I will always be grateful xxxxxxxx

I couldn't even dry myself when I got out of the shower earlier, such a simple task like making a bacon sandwich was too much for me, I had to lay down half way through, this is just ridiculous and apart from being pissed off I am also annoyed (I really want to swear!!!!), I am 33 years old and hobbling around like The Hunchback of Notre Dame (and yes you lot that like to complain about the names of books for human rights, I will use the word Hunchback as it is actually a very good descriptive word for people with Scoliosis/Kyphosis) unable to carry out menial tasks without sucking in my breath and groaning due to the constant pain.

I am now going to spend the rest of today in bed, I am so glad we changed our plans as we had previously arranged to be going out this evening in Fuengirola with friends to the local feria but there is just no way in hell I would manage that.

I think this is why I can get so upset with all this carry on, I miss out on so much in life where my friends are concerned, they are always out doing exciting stuff, shopping, clubbing, going to restaurants, going to bars, going to the cinema and I just cannot do all that, unless I want to suffer more than I do on the average day.

So there we have a day of living hell with Scoliosis, enjoy your weekend and do some dancing for me! :)

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