Scoliosis, Driving, Muscle Spasms & Pain

It all started off so well! Monday morning, get up, start the week with a great breakfast, cup of coffee, let the chickens out into their coop, grab the diary and work out the whens, wheres and whys of what needs to be done.

So off I went into town as I had to post some Mobi orders out to Slovakia, so I parked outside the post office in my trusty diasbled spot, walked to the shop to buy my brown wrapping paper and bubble wrap, went to the bank and paid some bills - everything going OK so far, I have not done anything particularly strenuous, the bags I was carrying were not heavy and I was wearing flat shoes (as always!). I spent a good 20 minutes wrapping the items I needed to post and then a further 30 minutes in the queue waiting to send them!

I then went from there and did some supermarket shopping, again nothing strenuous or stressful, I didn´t rush around the supermarket or lift anything over heavy, however, I was in and out of the car yesterday so I don´t think this helped, we really need to look into changing the car, we drive an Audi A6 Quattro and this car is very low and built for comfort and luxury, however, luxury cars do not go down well with Scoliosis, I am guessing a few others will agree with me here. Plastic cheap cars are better for me, nice hard seats and good suspensions, as crazy as it sounds a Kia Picanto is better for me to drive than an Audi A6 LOL!

I got home after all my shennanigans and the pain had really began to gain motion, I was standing on my right leg more than my left leg and bending at the knee more to release the pain from the lumbar but as the hours went by the muscle just kept getting tighter and tighter and then I got to the point where I could not cope any longer and had to go to bed. My sleep was interrupted with the pain and the griping from the muscles is just very sore and I was up at 7.30am on Tuesday morning!

I have taken a shed load of pain killers as I have a 1 and a half hours drive today to meet a new client, I am going to have to use my wheelchair today as there is just no way I will be able to sit on the chairs in Plaza Mayor while we have our meeting.

I struggle to explain the pain but when I move my lumbar back and forth the pain is located over my donor site and it feels like tearing, this is nothing new, the damn thing has given me issues for the past 21 years, this sensation moves down my legs and over my bottom. I have tried some exercises this morning, the best one is being laid on the floor with my legs bent over the sofa and arms stretched out beside of me, I laid there for 15 minutes this morning and felt much better afterwards, that move is supposed to "reset" your muscles in the back, neck and lumbar spine.

I don´t get pinching pains I am confident this is muscular as has always been my problem, the problem is the muscles spasm so often when I have aggravated it (by doing life!) that it makes me suck in my breath and I find that sitting in the most awkward of poisitions helps more than trying to be straight!

I am also wondering if this is a result of Saturday night, as I stayed at a girlfriend´s house and to be honest her furniture doesn´t suit me at all (sorry Karen x), I also stayed the night in her bed and she did say I was a fidget so perhaps this pain has nothing to do with yesterday but purely from the sleep I had a few nights ago in a bed I am not used to sleeping in :)

I am using Ibuprofen pain killers, I have run out of cocodamol and valium which would be my preferred pain relief. I am also using ibuprofen gel that you rub on the skin and exercises to help keep the muscles stretched. I think I am experiencing more pains because I have not done my Yoga and my hamstrings are not at their full length like they used to be so I am sure this is my own fault!

I get very frustrated when this happens as I just want to get on with my life, enjoy it and get on with my work but Scoliosis is always there in the bloody way - grrrrrrrrrr!

So, we move onto Thursday and the pain is still there trying to grind me down, I have had a very busy week so each day has been a massive mountain for me to climb just to get in the car and drive to the post office to deliver orders, and it really isn´t that far!

I have just attempted ironing and although I did manage to do all of it my shoulders are now screaming at me and burning, I keep shrugging to see if that will ease the muscle that wants to jump out and rip my head off...........

I feel like a dog chasing my tail sometimes, I go round and round in circles, trying to keep fit and supple, we cannot lay in bed all day as this will do my muscles no benefit at all, but on the other hand fighting day in day out to battle the pain is becoming a little too much.

I need to finish this post now because typing is also aggravating the shoulder so I think I should take a break and rest before I continue anything else today.

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