Strangers & Scoliosis

Is it ever appropriate for a stranger to ask you what's wrong with you? I went to the bank in some pain today, and I was limping. The teller asked me if I'd had foot surgery, and I ignored her. Then she said she had foot surgery last year, and I figured I'd better answer her so I wouldn't seem rude. I just said, "I need back surgery." Short, simple truth. Maybe I should've just said, "I had back surgery," as that would have been the truth, too. As I left, she told me to take care of myself, and I could tell she was sincere, and not trying to be rude, at least not deliberately. But I just find it really irritating to be asked personal questions by total strangers. The employees there may consider it making conversation and good customer service, but I think it's nosy and rude. But maybe I was just being a bitch because I was in pain? Feedback, please. What would you do? Ignore, lie, or tell the truth?

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