Ironing & Scoliosis!

Well I am sure many of you ladies and men out there with Scoliosis know all too well how ironing can effect our backs especially when lifting heavy ironing boards in and out of their storage so I wanted to share with you what I found one day when shopping and decided to try instead of my usual heavy lumpy board.

As you can see from the image above I iron on my kitchen work top, the portable ironing board that I bought from IKEA is, in my opinion, the best thing since sliced bread where ironing is concerned. It is light weight to carry from A to B, I get no neck ache from using it as the work surface is the right height for me and I get no lumbar problems from having to carry it around - I LOVE IT!

The image above shows you how easy this board is to manouvere and use, it is very small, but not too small that I cannot iron shirts or jeans, yes I have a lot less space than I did with my previous ironing board but for me it was about the pain issues and not the work space available.

I kept my old board just in case I did not get on with the portable one I bought but since the day it came home I have not once used my old, heavy ironing board, I would recommend this to all my Scoliosis friends and family as one little pain saver in helping you do your daily chores - go out and buy one!

Tell me if you have any ways to help you iron or do you still lump about a heavy board like I used to?

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