Facebook & Being Annoyed!

Well I don´t really know where to start with this, so I guess I will just go from the beginning!

3 weeks ago my account was compromised and I contracted the "Koobface" virus, a friend informed me that I was sending viruses out through my Facebook account, so, I updated my status from Twitter informing everyone that the message that was coming was NOT from me and to ignore, majority of my friends knew it was not me as the spelling was so bad - and I can spell!

So, the saga now continues, I have been locked out of my Facebook account, I cannot reset my password as Facebook informs me that my Facebook friends have reported me for abuse (NICE!), now, as I am not in the habit of abusing people online (I abuse people to their face, come on!) and neither do I swear on my Facebook page I was confused as to why I could have been reported for abuse.

I have been writing to Facebook EVERY single day about this problem, I am very concerned as all my credit card details are in my account as I was advertising through their system.

Facebook do not seem to give a flying shit that this has happened to my account and I also believe I am not the only person this has happened to. I have been writing daily for the past 3 weeks and all I get back are standard messages.

Now, yesterday, something very strange happened, I received an email notification asking me to stop sending "shit emails", this can only mean one thing, my Facebook account is still sending spam! Yet I cannot get in the account, Facebook refuse to reply to me, if they had locked me out for abuse why are they allowing the account to send spam still?

If Facebook have locked me out and will not allow me to reset my password then how safe is my information that is inside the account, can I sue Facebook for this? They lock me out, won´t talk to me and are now allowing my account to send spam to my friends - this is a ridiculous situation.

The other reason for me posting this is a slight concern I have for small businesses, I run 3 small businesses and I have used Facebook in the past to create groups and fan pages, however, I have now been locked out for 3 weeks so I cannot communicate with any of my group members, they are probably wondering what happened to me!

So, for a small business should we really place all our eggs in one basket and start social network fan pages or groups because when you are wrongly accused of an action and removed from your account, that is it, you cannot get in, you cannot talk to your customers and they are left thinking you have done a bunk - this can do more harm than good and from now on I will think hard before I start a fan page or a group on a social network.

Having said that, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and the others except FACEBOOK have not had such a bad virus attack and been very solid for years, Facebook is a different matter altogether, they allow other parties to upload applications which surely must make it less secure than the other social networks?

I know one thing for sure, my love for Facebook is well and truly over, I will be moving all my fan pages and groups elsewhere once I can get back in and I certainly will not be starting a new Facebook page, what is the point, someone else will just report me for abuse - WRONGLY - and then I will be locked out!

Needless to say I am very angry about the whole thing and the lack of customer support from Facebook about this matter - but they couldn´t care less!

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