Update on my scoli appt- Tuesday

So I had my half-yearly back check up at the hospital on Tuesday the 24th.
Here's a quick report:

Bone development: My hand was x-rayed. It revealed that I only had a small amount of growth left. Yay!:D

My current curves are both 18 - 19 degrees, same as last time. They aren't progressing.

My doctor looked at the wounds on my back and saw the x-rays. He concluded that I only needed to wear my brace 18 hours a day from now on! He told me that 6 hours wouldn't make much of a difference, seeing as I only have a small amount of growth left and the brace wouldn't be able to fix a huge amount.

My orthotist looked at the scars and told me to wear my brace looser. He put padding in the lower side as well. He advised me to wear my brace to school, as it involves sitting down, which is the worst of the three postures. He said the best time not to wear it is when I'm asleep.

Best news: the orthotist said next time I come in March, I probably will only have to wear my brace 12 HOURS a day! they're slowly "weaning" me out of it. lol :)

But I've been braced for so long that it feels wierd not wearing it for more than an hour. I feel guilty!

Other thing: I don't know if I've mentioned this here but I've been super excited about this dance camp in january. Then I remembered my brace. The orthopedist said it was perfectly okay to go and just wear my brace at night. :D

Last thing. Work experience next year. I have applied for the orthopedics, medical imaging and physiotherapy units at the hospital. I've also applied at an Orthotics and Prosthetics Clinic. I'm so excited! Hope I get one (or 2, seeing as the hospital work experience is during the holidays).

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