The day-to-day issues

Hey, fellow ScoNuts.

Sorry for my lack of posts, but minus the surgery, there's nothing very interesting about my day-to-day life. At least, nothing none of you aren't already painfully familiar with.

I moved in with my boyfriend, and he's being wonderful to me. He does everything for me, despite my protests; consequently, I have become even more sedentary (I didn't realize that was possible), so my pain has skyrocketed. I know I'm gaining weight, too. I still don't have insurance, but I have the option to buy a policy from the company that used to insure me. Of course, who's going to insure me with a spine like mine? At best, it'll be labeled a preexisting condition and excluded completely. So I have to apply and be approved for disability before I can go back to St. Louis, and God only knows how many years that will take.

Dr. Bones wanted me to wait ten more years, and now it looks like I might have to. :( I've got some tips about good disability lawyers, though, so I'm not without hope. I just know all too well how frustrating and drawn-out the process is.

My biggest problem now is trying to get stronger and healthier. Eating better is where I've decided start, then exercising. I have yet to find my exercise plan among all of the moving boxes. Everyone says walk, but I actually find that to be one of the most painful things to do, which leads to the issue of pain control. I really want to lose the extra weight I've been putting on and strengthen my muscles, which will lessen my pain, but the smallest things are excruciating to me now and make starting that process difficult.

I love my TENS unit, but the stickies are $60 a pack, and the way I use it, they don't last long. Insurance never covered much of the cost anyway, so I don't use the TENS much anymore. Thermacare heat wraps work great, but you can't adjust their position after you stick them on. I'm also starting to build up tolerance to my pills.

I've found having a drink to be an effective muscle relaxer, but it's not very practical as a long-term solution. And on, and on...

I'll try to post occasionally, but I don't feel like I have much to say now. I realized yesterday that I would be in St. Louis right now, had things gone differently. It's such a bummer. Catch me on Twitter, @oddcupcake. I'm a little bit more interesting there.

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