Scoliosis, Muscles & Lumbar Pain

I am now 3 days into taking my new treatment and while I have not noticed any significant changes in my body I think it is too early to tell, I was told I may need a double dose to get me started so we will wait and see.

It would appear I am going to have a run of bad luck with the old Twisted Spine! My go faster stripes are not working and I am slowing down. I am having considerable amounts of pain in my lumbar, right where my donor site scar is, I cannot relax without feeling HUGE pressure on the scar, which is very painful and makes me catch my breath.

I even had problems on the toilet this morning and that just gets me frustrated, the simplest of actions that any normal person takes for granted is such an effort for me this week and I end up getting really pissed off!!!!!!!

I had to drive my Mother to the airport earlier because Chris is up to his eyes with work so he needed to stay home and finish his "to do list", I have to say it was the most painful drive of my life, I have struggled with driving over the years but today was OMG, the slighest bump made my eyes water, I am thankful we have an automatic, makes my life a little easier when driving. Over the years I have started to hate cars more and more, I struggle to get in and out of them, the position I sit in while in the car is just all wrong and if I need to reverse I hate it because my body needs to be at an awkward angle while I check that nobody is there so I don't smack into them, the Spanish have a tendency of driving through no entries or in car parks they just all of a sudden appear so you need your wits about you - driving in Spain has always been a joke, the Spanish cannot drive - simple! (I know I cannot tar them all with the same brush but they are not a patch on English drivers!).

I am now working in bed for the next 2 days to rest and recover, I need to slow down and stop enjoying myself, I don't know if other Scoliosis patients out there suffer from "Over Compensation Syndrome" (I will talk about this syndrome later)? I know that I am a classic patient for Overcompensation Syndrome and my husband is always ribbing me about this, perhaps this is what happens to me, I go about daily life with my syndrome, push myself to the limits and then my back has no choice but to ground me!

Classic signs of Overcompensation Syndrome are:
1. Denial of emotions when faced with adversity
2. Manifestation of hard-working, type A personalities with perfectionist inclinations
3. Independent, sometimes aloof, natures that may make it difficult for them to work in social or business groups
4. Discomfort when forced to rely on others, sometimes to extreme levels indicating a complete lack of trust of people
5. Overachievement that makes them push to be at the top of their professions and overcompetitiveness in wanting to be the best at every pursuit, no matter how trivial
6. Inability to relax and not be productive
7. Extremely negative reactions to criticism and out-of-proportion fears of failure
8. Participation in high-risk, overstrenuous activities such as sky diving or motorcycle racing
9. Inability to deal with anger and stress constructively
10. Extreme sensitivity about personal appearance and compulsive adaptation of clothing to hide remaining deformities
11. Stoical, stiff upper lip approaches to their own medical problems (or, in contrast, excessive, out-of-proportion fear of medical procedures), and
12. Refusals to listen to their bodies and slow down in response to pain in efforts to avoid appearing "contaminated" with a disability or deformed condition

So, let's take it from the top regarding myself

Overcompensation Syndrome vs Simone Icough
1: I do not deny my emotions, I let all them out, good or bad!
2: I am very hard-working and don't know when to stop, can sometimes be a problem!
3: I am very independent, although I would not say I find it difficult to socialise
4: I do find it very difficult to lean on others, prefer to do things myself, almost as if I don't deserve the help "I should be able to manage"
5: I am VERY competitive and I am always striving to be the best
6: Inability to relax is a definiate one for me but I am productive every day
7: I have huge fears of failure and in my current profession I have not failed yet but I always dread the day that I "might"
8: I do not participate all the time but I did go snow boarding years ago even after I was told I should not, I decided I only had Scoliosis and it would be fine (blush), hate having to be the one who misses out as it seems like it is always the case
9: I can deal with anger and stress, although when stressed I tend to rant and rave at those who have upset me before and I failed to tell them
10: I don't think I am too bad where my appearance is concerned but I do worry sometimes, I always make sure I look OK and don't like people seeing my twisted-ness unless they are close to me, I constantly hate my stomach and am always comapring to my "normal" friends
11: I certainly fit this category and if someone asks me how I am, I shrug and say "yeah I am good" as it isn't there or doesn't matter
12: This is me all over, I refuse to rest, always having something to do, always busy!

To read extensively about Overcompensation Syndrome that was written by Elizabeth Mina, visit my website and learn something more about yourself as a Scoliosis Patient!

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