Scoliosis & Exercises with Rick Kaselj

Scoliosis & Exercises Interview

I was approached by Rick Kaselj in June time of this year, he wanted to interview me regarding the subject of Scoliosis, how I manage, what exercises I do, what advice I would give to exercise experts that are designing work outs for people with Scoliosis.

You may listen to the interview by clicking the link "Scoliosis & Exercises Interview" embedded within this post (this is an mp3 and should play in your browser).

I have never been interviewed before and I was very nervous but anything to help people with Scoliosis is good with me, I am happy to share my thoughts and feelings when it comes to Scoliosis and life.

I have to say I do not like the sound of my voice on the MP3 but I don't think I am alone with not liking the sound of your own voice! I will let you decide if I sound OK or not ;)

Some information about Rick and his profession are listed below

I would like to thank Rick for the experience and also to thank him for being patient with me!

Rick Kaselj
Rick Kaselj specializes in active rehabilitation and fitness. He works in one-on-one and group rehabilitation settings, training people who have been injured at work, in car accidents and during sport activities. His clients and group exercise participants include a wide variety of individuals from healthy and special populations.

Rick has combined his work experience and passion for research to develop a variety of courses and presentations for fitness professionals, kinesiologists and healthcare providers.

He runs a website called "Healing Through Movement" which offers quality experiences to the public and fitness/healthcare professionals through entertaining and educational presentations, writing and photography.

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