Scoliosis and Clothes Shopping

Clothes shopping for people who have Scoliosis has always been an issue, either you hide away from the public or you let it all hang out, whichever one you are you are reminded that you have Scoliosis when you go to the shops for new clothes, majority of us come home depressed. Clothes shopping with Scoliosis is a constatnt reminder that we are more curvier than most!!!!

We have been discussing clothes and rib humps and scars on the group, and we have some very interesting views to clothes and Scoliosis.

Unfortunately, there are many Scoliosis patients out there who are not quite as aggressive as myself as I tend to run with the attitude of "who cares what others think of me, I have Scoliosis, so what!", I wear up to date fashion and I don't let my Scoliosis dictate what I can and cannot wear to some extents, of course I don't wear what I am uncomfortable in or what does not suit me but I certainly will not shy away from going to the beach because of my lopsided-ness, I do not agree that because we have a disability we should hide it, I am a great fan of saying "if you don't like what you see, look the other way".

I wore a plaster cast for 7 months post surgery, finding clothes that were trendy and comfortable was not an easy task for me or my Mother, but we still managed it and I was always in up to date fashion, we just had to buy bigger sizes, jeans and skirts with elasticated waists, all helps.

Summer is well underway and all the girls have come out in their little shorts, strappy tops, bathing suits, bikinis, high heeled shoes, spagetti straps, and everything that resembles Summer, this is the worst time of year for the Scoliosis patient!

After discussing this topic on the group there are few different thoughts and feelings on clothes and shopping where Scoliosis is concerned, many like to hide away under baggy t-shirts whereas some (such as myself) refuse to hide away and wear strappy tops, bikinis on the beach etc, etc.

A summary of what some are saying about various tops

Tank tops have a thumbs up from members, as they find their flaws are hidden with a button down shirt over the top

The problem that most women and men have when dressing with Scolisis is that most women's tops have straight lines which are meant that way so they hang better and look more respectable, on a personj with Scoliosis this just enhances that the shoulders are not even, some of our ladies are buying polo shirts from the men's section as they are very unisex, they are finding these very appealing as they do not accentuate crooked lines or show the fact that some of us with Scoliosis have our ribs down by our waist!

Two piece bathing suits seem to be very popular amongst our members with majority opting for this option for the beach (myself included), these two piece bathing suits are ideal because they come up high enough to disguise the Scoliosis. I have also seen other groups talking about tankinis and apron top suits because they cover the stomach, these are popular with those who have just come out of a brace as there are usually marks on the skin.

If you are wearing a brace at the moment and have a pool party to go to then we have some ideas to get you going:
Take a loose shirt with you to wear over your bikini/tankini/two piece
Remove the brace hours before to allow the marks to fade
Wear something underneath your brace that day to reduce the marks on the skin

We have found that dresses with a band under the boobs makes your lower body look more equal, these are hit with our ladies.

I also find that linen trousers are a good hit with me as they tend to hide me very well because the trousers flow better, so I have linen trousers in every colour! I also like shorts and longer tops that cover the band of the shorts so I look even.

If you have Scoliosis and would like to share your thoughts on clothes then go ahead and tell us what you like best.

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