PowerPumper - Fun Therapy

I just had to share this fantastic new rehabilitation tool or perhaps we should say toy that has come onto the market to help all children from the ages five to eleven.

What is the Power Pumper for?
From watching videos and reading information about this bike/scooter it is a unique mobility device for occupational and physical therapists, educators and children with therapeutic or health-related needs.

This innovative, award-winning, therapeutic mobility device has a unique pumping action which provides movement for both upper and lower extremities, and helps build trunk muscles. The Power Pumper is used in therapy and physical education activities for building endurance and muscle development.

Visit PowerPumper.com for details of how children with special needs can receive a free Power Pumper.

The Power Pumper provides these benefits:
* Rehabilitation - Encourages normal movement in upper and lower extremities
* Appeals to all children
* Children feel safe because of its low center of gravity
* Sturdy, durable construction will hold up to 300 pounds
* For boys & girls ages 5 to 11
* Winner of an Industrial Design Excellence Award
* Meets or exceeds all requirements as set forth by the United States ASTM
* F963-96a, European EN-71 and Canadian CRC 931 safety tests

The Power Pumper Helps Children Develop:
* Bilateral Coordination
* Extremity Development
* Esteem & Confidence
* Social Skills Development
* Praxis or Motor Planning
* Motor Coordination
* Posture Stability
* Spatial Awareness
* Speech
* Regulation of Activity
* Building Endurance
* Directionality
* Muscle Tone
* Visual Skills
* Age appropriate play skills

You may be able to obtain funding for this Power Pumper and the website that is selling these Power Pumpers for children have a section for you to complete which shows you where funding is available.

Funding for the Power Pumper, select the link.

Currently it seems they have the Power Pumper for children in Lime & Green - Black & Red, with the Junior version for 3-5 year olds coming out soon.

They also have the adult Power Pumper version which is also to be launched soon. The prototype attains speeds in excess of 45 mph and handles well. It is estimated that the Adult Power Pumper will weigh approximately 15 pounds and will fold up for easy transportation.

I have also decided to become an affiliate of Power Pumper because I liked the item so much and I can see the benefits that it will bring to many children under-going rehabilitation, movement is so crucial after major surgery and this Power Pumper is just the kiddy to help do that!

Below is a Video for you to view the Power Pumper in use:

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