Chriopractors vs Scoliosis Specialists

OK, so I am seeing a lot of blog posts coming out saying things like "have Scoliosis, come visit our Chiropractor", since when did the Chiros become professionals in twisted spines? For starters they are not medical doctors so I advise that you see a proper Scoliosis specialist before you see a Chiropractor!

When I had my surgery in 1989 with a Harrington rod from T4 to L1 I was told in under no circumstances should I see a Chiro, Dr Jackson told me this from Southampton General Hospital, over the last 5 years that I have been running groups and chatting on various other groups, the general consensus across the board is do not see a Chiropractor, some groups do not even allow you to talk about them!

I do have a slightly different view to most I have to say, I do allow people to talk about their treatments because I am all for sharing and if a patient had good results then share them, we are all individuals at the end of the day and we react to different treatments, however, these people who have used them are long in the tooth with Scoliosis, such as myself who is in to year 20 with the good old Harrington (go faster stripe) rod and are willing to take risks.

I would NOT advise this for new kids on the block, if you have been diagnosed by your GP with Scoliosis then you MUST and I cannot stress this enough, go and see a proper specialist in the field of Scoliotic spines, you cannot crack a spine back into place, it is bending for goodness sakes!

Join our Scoliosis Support Group and link with other patients to get help with choosing your surgeon.

There is NO CURE as such for Scoliosis, there are many proved and tested ways to help treat a Scoliotic spine but unfortunately, right now surgery is the only way if you have a curvature in your spine which is over 50ยบ.

As some of you know I tried Bowen which I would say is a lighter form of Chiropractice, no cracking or pulling bones, more manipulation of the muscles, this helped me a great deal but I think now that has worn off and the Bowen is not helping me as much as it did last year so I have not gone for a few weeks.

Now, understand my posting here, I am not slating all Chiropractors across the World, I am writing this post because I am concerned for the Scoliosis patients out there who may not be getting the right care that they need and trust me when you have Scoliosis there is no better Dr to see than one who is dedicated to Scoliosis, it is a bit like asking a builder to write a website, why would you? Why would you take advice from a Chiropractor when you should be seeing a Scoliosis Dr?

I am not a Chiropractor hater, they offer good work to patients I am sure but I have lived with Scoliosis for 20 years now and over those years I have come to realise the importance of dealing with the right surgeon for your Scoliosis.

So, let the discussion begin, what are your thoughts on Chiropractice care, pros and cons?

Do you think that it is OK to be treated by a Chiropractor instead of seeing a Scoliosis Dr? Share your experiences with us and let's get the record straight on Chiro vs Dr.

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