Is there a link between scoliosis and dance?

Hmmmm... could there possibly be a link between scoliosis and dancing? One of my friends, who also has scoliosis, thinks so. She did gymnastics before her scoli was discovered and she was forced to quit.

Now I LOVE dancing (have i mentioned that here before?) and dance 5 classes a week. I do 6 hours in total: 3 classes of ballet n 1 class each of Tap and jazz. im not on pointe yet by the way.

When I first found out I had scoliosis, I thought I'd have to quit dance and cried. Then I found out ballet was supposedly better for my back!

So how can dancing be bad for your back? I have realised that on spinekids, loads of girls have something along the lines of "Dancer" on their profiles. And 25% of dancers have scoliosis, according to statistics. Could there be a connection?

After being diagnosed, scoliosis didn't affect my dancing much, apart from keeping me from cartwheeling and holding my posture up straighter (thanks to my brace).
My doctor also told me that exercises haven't been proved to actually enhance curve improvement. However, he encouraged me to stretch daily to keep my spine flexible.
What do you think? Is there a link?

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