The "Creeping Crud"

Oh my gosh.
I have an addiction.
I just can't seem to help myself.
It all started on Friday night. Two spots on my back, that were red, swollen and puffy. I immediately thought something had bit me and ignored it.
Then Saturday. The spots had expanded to the size of a small notebook! I showed Mum, but she thought it was some random insect bite as well.
And then Sunday. The rash had taken over my whole lower back and crossed over to my waist and hips. There were about 12 random bumps as well, which were sticking out, scattered across my back.
It's soooo itchy! I look forward to wearing my brace now to stop myself scratching!
The Creeping Crud, as named by Judy Blume in "Deenie" (FANTASTIC scoli book, btw) THIS is what happens when you don't wear a singlet under your brace.
But the fact is:
So now I wear 2 singlets under my brace. Next Sunday, I have a community event in which I have to dress up in a short costume that shows my stomach. Now I really don't want to. It looks like I have some sort of terrible disease on my skin.

My new brace stinks. Big time.

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