What colour are you?

I took a quiz on ecademy "what colour are you", it intrigued me so I took the questionnaire, and according to them I am a "High Red"

And here is what a High Red means:
As a High Red you are driven by two governing needs: to control and to achieve. You are a goal oriented go getter who is most comfortable when you are in charge of people and situations. You like challenges, take authority, and plunge head first into solving problems.

You are fast paced, task oriented and work quickly and impressively by yourself.

You can be more effective by using more right brain thinking allowing you to develop more patience, humility and sensitivity and concern for others, project a more relaxed image and more.

Do you think that is a good likeness of me?

Join me: Simone Icough on Ecademy and take the test too

Ecademy Potential Unlimited

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