Spine Cor Brace Update

We have blogged about the SpineCor brace a few times and had many discussions about this brace on the Scoliosis Online Support Group.

For those of you that have not heard of the SpineCor brace then here is some blurb for you to get your head round, along with a link to a study that was carried out :)

Rigid braces have already proven to be ineffective and a lot of surgeons do not prescribe braces nowadays. Rather, they ask patients to just have normal life until surgery is required. What's the point of letting kids go through the experience of wearing a brace for years when they are going to do surgery anyway?

Last June Journal of Pediatric Orthopedic published spinecor study analyzed with new criteria set by SRS...all braces were analyzed this way so that direct comparison would be possible.

SpineCore Brace Study

We have a few members on the group have been fitted with this brace, below are some comments from Verda Tondevold. Connect with Verda on the Scoliosis Online Support Group.

"I went for my 6 week check-up post getting the SpineCor brace and so far so good. The brace is keeping me from feeling like I am caving over to the right side. Also I can hold myself more erect. In fact I recently had someone I know slightly tell me that I have very good posture. I have never had anyone say that before. Also another person I had not seen for a few months asked if I had had breast implants.. The brace crosses beneath the breasts and gives a natural push-up. I thought this was very funny.

The brace was a little difficult to get used to but as it gives me the support I need to get through a work day and do things, it has enhanced my life. I know that at my age (58) the curve won't get better - 65 degree - but it won't get worse. The pain is much better in my back, hip and leg.

Also I am sleeping through the night and before I woke up a few times a night with neck pain related to the scoliosis... I only need to take Advil occasionally.

I am also wondering now about what the best exercise is for people with Scoliosis. I know some have said yoga and pilates, but is there anything else that anyone has done. I want to do the right types of exercise that will help not hinder me. Because the Spine Cor brace is dynamic, I am to exercise with it on.

When I read blogs I am not sure I would or could go through it. There seems to be problems as one goes along in life even with the surgery....

Anyway I enjoy everyone's comments for sure. I find it so helpful to actually have people who understand......."

Are you using a SpineCor brace and want to connect or chat with others, leave your comments here or even better, come join us and blog alongside the rest of us.

Laters everyone and thanks for listening :)

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