Scoliosis Association of British Columbia

I wanted to take some time out to talk about Llweyn on our Scoliosis Support Group, Llweyn is a part of the Scoliosis Association of British Columbia, Canada (Chapter 100 of the Scoliosis Association, Inc.), she is an inspiration to the members of our group, has a lot of support and help to offer.

Scoliosis Association British Columbia
Is the second Canadian Chapter but the first to receive, after 3 years of working with the Canadian government, Registered Charity status in April, 2008.

This means that the Scoliosis Association can now do some fund-raising and issue tax receipts, along with opening a proper charity bank account that does not charge monthly business fees.

They do not have a website at the moment but you can contact Llweyn on our support group or email her directly.

Scoliosis Association: Llweyn

Working alongside Llweyn is Marion Primeau who is associated with the other Canadian Chapter of Ontario, Marion's chapter has also applied to become a Registered Charity.

Scoliosis Association: Marion

There are only 2 Canadian Chapters who can offer support and help so the Scoliosis Association will also handle enquiries from outside their own provinces.

They will advise on websites that can offer help and guidance for those with Scoliosis and FlatBack Syndrome, the treatments available, advice and support when facing surgery.

Llweyn was also quoted in the Elle Magazine Canada 2008!

Scoliosis Association

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