My X-rays

I wish there was one from the left side, then you'd see the comparison between the my back ribs on the left and the right. Oh, well. Heh. My CT scan was pretty much the same; I couldn't get it to rotate like Dr. OKC did.

Picture 1

Picture 2

I haven't gone through the whole story yet. Here's the short version. My curve was found during a routine exam at school in 7th grade. I was 12, my curve was 18 degrees. Eight months later, it was 36. I had several braces, I think they were the Boston type. I chose to have surgery in July 1996 (I was 16); my curve was 48 degrees, and they fused me from T10-L3. I was in a cast for nine weeks and another brace for about six months. My curve was 20 the day after surgery. I only discovered that from my medical records. As far as I knew, it was 34. No, it increased to 34 post surgery. Before last summer, my most recent x-rays were January 1998. Last summer it was 37, but Dr. Q said to ignore that, the first radiologist must've read it wrong. (I don't believe that for a second, btw.) Dr. Q referred me to Dr. Bones, who sent me to physical therapy and Dr. Drugs (for an epidural that went horribly wrong), and then referred me to Dr. OKC, whom I met on Friday. I'm excited to meet Dr. STL, but I hear he has quite a waiting list. I filled my prescriptions tonight and I'm going to order some more leads for my TENS unit. I hope it will all get me through until St. Louis.


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