My 2nd casting (or whatever it's called) :)

Yes, when I went for my appointment today at the hospital, I found out that I'm getting a new brace! Hmm... I don't actually know if I'm excited about this but I think I'll miss the comfort of my old brace (Soapy) when I get it at first. Luckily, the orthotist let me stick to the thin plastic since I've been improving a lot!

Now this moulding/casting/brace fitting was way easier than I last remembered! I guess it's because I'm used to wearing a brace now. :)

So first the orthotist weighed me and measured me (I got taller!) and you probably know how it the routine. After many complicated measurements using various different instruments, he finally told me to get into two thin stretchy stocking dresses and hop onto the wire bed thing (sorry, I don't really know any technical terms!).

When he'd lain me straight and put my legs in slings, he slid a metal ruler type thing between the material. Then he wet the dress and smoothed the plaster slowly over it.

After many many layers of plasters, it was getting harder to breathe but not as hard as last time. Then finally, the orthotist stopped wrapping me in plaster and left me to dry for a few minutes (ha ha, yes, that sounded wierd).

Last of all, he cut open the plaster with a sharp knife (it didn't cut me because of the metal thing) and I felt like I could breathe normally again! It was pretty cold when I got off the wire bed and had to get dressed very quickly.

In three weeks I'm going to have a new brace!

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