Hello Everybody!! I like to esp sat a big hello and thankyou to the lovely Simone who has helped me over the past few weeks. I am veryy happy to be joining u guys in blogging with you all. I have Double Curavate of the Spine inwards and backwards and have had eight spine operations for this....however the last operation i had i had to learn to walk again and also have a very poor immune system now due to affection i had in my spine so now i am recovering at home/hospital sometimes still tho. I was in hospital last year for 11 months and had to learn to walk again but i did it however i am in alot of pain now and each day i have to take it as it comes. i am recovering at home and keep picking up lots of nasty bugs which i cant fight of like a healthy person would do so i have to rest as much as i can. Anyway i would be so happy to answer any questions that you may have on Scoliosis or pain as best i can in anyway? or if anyone who is recovering from surgery or an illness then please do send me a message anytime you want too for advice or just somebody to talk too...


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