Hey everyone!

So, first of all...
Confession. :)
Well... I have been a member of this blog for a while now but haven't really gotten around to posting. Sorry! But for now... here's a little intro on me!

Name (For this blog, anyway): Tiz
Age: 13
Scoli type: Adolescent Idiopathic
Scoliosis treatment: bracing for 10 months now, still ongoing :(
Scoliosis curve before treatment: 31 degrees
Scoliosis curve at last check-up: 20 degrees! (Both lumbar and thoracic, by the way)
Brace type: Boston (could be much worse, I guess)
Estimated time to continue bracing: 2 years, until I stop growing at least
Next scoli appointment: 5th Feb, update will be posted hopefully, if I remember

COOL scoli sites for teens:
www.spinekids.com --> good place to post scoli story and excellent forums, mostly girls
That's it for now!

Thank you heaps, Simone and Judith, for letting me be a part of such a cool blog!

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