Scoliosis: Keeping it in the family

In November, I mentioned that my elder daughter Ruth, aged 23, had just started on the scoliosis journey.

She's now had an MRI scan and the results are back, she read them to me over the phone (she's not long moved in with her boyfriend, another story for another blog maybe) and she has an S-shaped thoracolumbar curve, if she told me the degree of curve I didn't take it in.

I'm guessing that the reason it only showed up recently is that maybe an S-shaped curve can sort-of balance itself out appearance-wise, and what's happened now is that one of the curves has grown more than the other so that's no longer the case - does this make sense?

The physio who assessed her doesn't think she should have surgery and that she should have some sort of physio treatment. Mind you, she has a new GP now and he/she may take a different view.

This has upset me for all sorts of reasons, one of them is that I feel guilty and that it is all my fault for passing on the scoliosis. It's like I have given both my daughters something horrible. What is known about the genetics of it all? I did find this after a quick search, it dates from 2007. Is there anything more recent?

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