Scoliosis: A session in Spine School

I went to Spine School last night, I wasn't looking forward to going after a hard day's work but I will do what my Dr has requested.

I had to be there for 7:30 start so I left home 30 minutes before and headed off to Marbella, got there on time but then the receptionist took forever to put my payment through so I ended up having to wait ages and then I was the last person to join the class and I hate walking into a room where everyone is waiting for me, they turn and stare at you.

So, basically the class was Yoga but concentrating on the lumbar spine, as a person who has done Yoga for many years it was all new to me and I was surprised by this, there were many new moves that I had never done before, some of the moves I really struggled to do and just couldn't get up like she wanted me to so I had to get up from the floor as I would normally.

The instructor was Spanish and the class was all in Spanish so I struggled a bit there, I have a good understanding of the Spanish language but they talk so quick sometimes so I miss sections of sentences, I did learn some new words though so that is always a bonus!

To get up from the floor after being laid down I roll over get up onto my knees and then stand up that way, she wanted me to grab my knees, gently rock and then in one strong movement get up onto my feet.

The session was for an hour and we also used a hoop with pressure pads on each side, that too was new to me but I enjoyed those exercises, my legs did start to wobble a bit though, a good sign that I need to do more exercise!

We did a lot of leg exercises while laying on the floor and extending one leg and then swapping legs as we bend to the knee and then straighten the leg to the ceiling.

I go back on Tuesday for another hour so we will see how I get on, no doubt I will get stronger as each week rolls on by.

I did feel a bit worse when I got back last night and I was expecting to have further pains this morning but I feel better than I expected, although I have had a pain killer.

On a good note I am now 5 pounds lighter and feeling a lot better for that, I am hoping to lose a stone and if I can a bit more than that, my Dr said the ideal weight for me is 11 stone but I like to be 10 stone 6 pounds, I feel a lot sexier at that weight and I look much better in clothes, my face has dropped most of the weight and I am not so hamster looking anymore :)

Anyone else out there doing Yoga or some form of Physio, how is it making you feel?


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