Scoliosis: The Pain Again

Well I have had a good few weeks and as you know I am doing Yoga twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday, Bowen has stopped for the time being while I concentrate on Yoga.

Tuesday's lesson went well and I got there early this time, managed to get off from work earlier and get there on time, meaning I could get a better spot on the floor, right in front of the teacher, I had been struggling to see what she was doing from the corner spot I had before.

The moves are getting harder and harder and I struggled to do what she asked on Tuesday and even had some pain during the lesson so I had to sit out, I can see the whole reason behind the classes and see that the ultimate goal is to strengthen the stomach muslces to help protect the spine, however, some of the moves require is us to have a round back, now I am sure the muscles do most of the work but with the make-up of my pinned spine I really struggle to round my back like the rest of the class does and I fear if I try and force this I will hurt myself.

Can a person with a rod from T5 to L1 round their back in this fashion?

Does a person's spine with instruments in behave in the same manner as those with normal spines? I doubt it does........

I woke this morning with pain as I had been in the months past, I hurt when I breathed and this is very similar to what was happening before and led me to go and see someone, although I still am not really sure what is causing this pain, we had discussed with the Dr the possibility of the disc. I was surprised to have this pain this morning as I have been good for so long, my husband noted to me that I am fine the day after Yoga but 2 days after the Yoga I complain of pain, I had not noticed this myself so I am glad he pointed this out to me.

As usual the pain subsides as I get moving so right now I am feeling a lot better, albeit very sore, Yoga class is again tonight and I just hope I can perform I am worried about being the only person in class who is struggling to do some of the movements.

I am now 6 pounds lighter than when I started all this 4 weeks ago, I have no doubts that this will help my spine and I do hope to lose more weight.

Anyone else out there doing a form of Yoga or Pilates, I would love to hear from you, how are you finding the moves, is there a point you get to where your stomach muscles are working to optimum and you can sit straight up from lying down?

Well, I must do some work now, be well all my Scoliosis friends and take care of your backs :)


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