Scoliosis: Keeping on Keeping on

I didn't go to Yoga/Pilates on Thursday, I woke with awful lower back pain, a bit like I have been experiencing over the past months, I struggled to walk and had shooting pains down my legs and shooting pains going across the lumbar, I had to prop myself up when getting from A to B.

There was no way I could face the drive down to Marbella and back, the car always make my pains worse, it is not just the position that car seats force you to be in but the bumps and bangs on the road.

My muscles on the lower part of my back felt like they were going to go into spasm and that scares me the most because the pain is just un-bearable!!!

I wrote to Dr Ayllon to tell him that I wasn't going to make it, I didn't want him or the teacher thinking I couldn't be bothered, more like I couldn't get there on my own steam!

So far I have only managed to get to class once a week as every time I go to class, 2 days later I am in pain, most unusual.

I appreciate that I no longer have Scoliosis as such but I am still a Scoliosis patient and I do still have rods from T5 to L1 and they do give me trouble in life, this much cannot be denied.

Tonight we were doing an exercise where we had to lean forward and keep our spines straight, I had awful pulling up the top part of my back, it felt like my skin was going to split and the rod pop right out - not good, don't like that feeling one bit.

There is also another exercise where we have to lean on our sides, knees together and legs on top of each other, our arm bent at the elbow and the other arm in front of the chest, we breathe in and lift the knees off the floor to become straight, I have problems with this movement, I feel bad pressure on my lower spine and again the feeling like I am going to snap.

I spoke to the teacher after class for the first time tonight and explained all of these issues I am coming up against, she is going to speak with Dr Ayllon and see if they can help me further, next class she wants me next to her so I can tell her if it hurts and change the movements to suit my spine better. She felt the rod at the top of the back and called me "Robocop" - LOL!

I will see how I feel in the morning and Thursday morning and hope I can make the class twice this week for once.

Over and Out


Stepani :) haha said…
actually simone icough,
I believe God WILL heal me.. He is probably putting me through this and i will get healed and it will show my family that God is real and He is a HEALER! I don't believe in Yoga.. sry... thanks for the other advice though :)
ps. GOD IS A HEALER! He has healed many people from my church :)
Simone Icough said…
No problem for the advice, however, exercise is not a belief so that confuses me slightly, if you have strong muscles then they will help support the spine.

Breathing is a formative factor in Scoliosis, the movements associated with breathing are of major importance (Yoga and Pilates concentrate on breathing) in the treatment of scoliosis. Breathing is also a mechanical problem.

On one hand they are active forces working through the muscles in the locomotor system. On the other hand they are passive forces - partly the lungs - working through the elasticity of the soft tissue. Passive forces are always trying to reverse forced changes in the natural shape of the trunk. This is especially the case in exercises for scoliosis.

The approach therefore has to be selective, activating the weak muscles, especially the weak muscle fibres of the diaphragm, until they are strong enough to counterbalance the strong muscles.

Any form of Yoga or Pilates will help strengthen these muscles, or Scroth method, it is very important for us scolios to keep our bodies at optimum strength to help the body deal with the deformity of the spine.

Wishing you all the best and we will have to agree to disagree about God, I tend to be a believer in myself and not in something I cannot see and touch, all I do know is if there is a God then he gave me a disease that could have killed me at age 21 if surgery had not been performed and now I suffer everyday as a result - NICE, thanks for that, just peachy!

Wishing you the best on your scoliosis journey.
Carly said…
Hi Simone =) I am sorry to hear that your scoliosis is causing you so much pain and I know it is not a fun disorder to undergo. I noticed you posted on my sisters blog and didn't understand why God would make you go through some things in life if He loved you(such a scolisosis). And yes we may never understand why God allows certain things to happen in our lives but I believe it all happens for a specific reason. I KNOW God can heal because I have witnessed many people that have had incurable diseases and I have miraciously watched the healing power of God heal them of thier disease. There are also numerous scriptures in the Bible that talk about God healing...the deaf being able to hear, the dumb dumb being able to talk, the dead rising etc.

Now you say that you tend to believe in yourself because you believe in things that you can see, touch, feel do you believe in the wind? I use this analogy to compare to can't see the wind, but you can hear it, you can see how it affects things when it comes into contact with objects, you can feel it as it comes into contact with your body...This is how the God that I serve is. When I pray, I can feel his presence and hear him speaking to me, I can see that He is real by all of the wonderous things that He is doing and everything that He has created....

I don't want to sound like I am throwing religion on you or preaching at you I just want you to see what I see and to experience what I have experienced. Once you experience something this great you will never once doubt the power of God again!

I myself am going into the medical field and realize how complex the body is, and I know that the doctors don't always have the answers...they simply apply thier knowledge to your symptoms, the current research etc. I just would hate for you to limit yourself to the mans knowledge of this world..what hope in life do you have of ever being healed of your scoliosis if you put your trust in man?? I hope and pray that one day you will experience what I have experienced and that God will heal you....because I KNOW He is able=) I will be praying for! And I wish you the best with your life... is a blog link of a lady that I know that was healed of cancer. She was pregnant with a baby girl at the time and was told to abort her because the chemo would kill her and if she didn't abort her she would not be normal...she decided not to and now the little girl is beautiful and signs of any abnormalties...please check it out =)
Carly said…
The following are a few direct links to the blog so you don't have to search through it...i hope this increases your faith =)
Simone Icough said…
Hola Carly

Thanks for your message, I was not confused about why God would give me such a condition, I already know the answer to such a question.

You can measure wind.

I am pleased that you have found something you can hold onto but I do not need to have this belief in my life.

Again we will have to agree to disagree on the whole God thing because it just ain't my bag, we could argue over this all day long and get nowhere, you have your opinion and I have mine and I choose to believe in Science and KNOW there were once Dinosaurs on our planet for instance and I also believe in the big bang theory.

So I guess you are going to tell me that God would have saved my life and healed me before I was 21, to save me from dying.

I really hope your sister's Scoliosis is taken care of and that she can get the right treatment to help prevent the curve from going more.

Have a good weekend and nice speaking with you again

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