Scoliosis: Fighting the Pain

The last 9 days have been a little hectic, bad news on our adoption from China which has really taken it's toll on Chris and I. We completed our home study last June and passed panel last October (2007), a few weeks ago (August) we were requested to send our money orders to the DCFS ready for our paperwork to be sent to China, this made us very excited indeed and we were loking forward to the day we would receive our LID (log in date).

All these great plans and positive feelings we soon shot into space when our adoption agency (PACT) called us and asked us for CRB checks from Spain, we had never hidden Spain from them and in fact was a positive part of our passing panel, anyway, they had forgotten to ask us to get these done, putting us weeks behind sending our dossier.

2 weeks agao the CCAA (China Centre of Adoption Affairs) relased a statement to the French ministers indicating that many Chinese families are now eligible to domestically adopt these children, meaning the wait for a Chinese baby could be upto 6 years, with me being 32 and Chris being 40 makes the decision we now have to make very hard, do we continue and become parents at a very late stage in our lives, or change countries in an attempt to become parents earlier, being better for the child and for us, the younger we are the better. These decisions have yet to be made and our lives are in turmoil right now.

My husband was put on a very strict diet by his Dr for 6 weeks to see why the liver is showing signs of an alcoholic! He is not a drinker and since the diet started he has not had a drink now for 10 days, unfortunately, he had a gout attack on Friday due to the new diet he has been put on, consisting of fish, beans (being the main part of a meditterranean diet), fruit and vegetables. The fruit and vegetables have always been a large part of our daily diets so it was not an issue to have to eat more of that, however, his body cannot take all the foods that are high in purines and consequently the attack - he has still not recovered.

I joined him on the new eating regime as losing a bit of weight wouldn't do me any harm. I have noticed dramatic changes in my body since we have increased our garlic intake, instead of letting myself go hungry I eat 3 square meals a day and that includes breakfast. I went to bed on Friday night and slept for 6 straught hours, got up and walked around the house for a bit and then managed to sleep until 11am, I was over the moon!

I hope this will continue and if that is the case I will continue this eating regime forever, I am just so shocked that good healthy food can dramatically change the way your body feels.

The pain is barely noticeable, I did have to go into the spare bedroom this morning as I woke with pain but it is bearable and for me that is the key, I think my back will always give me grief so being able to manage it is the key to my success.

I start physio this week so I hope this also makes a difference. I will report here how that goes and how it makes me feel


Anonymous said…
Could it get better than this?!

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