Scoliosis and Stiffness

I am back from my holidays, we went to Doñana National Park camping with my husband's brother and his wife in our lovely Quechua tent.

Before we left we bought 2 camp beds, we usually sleep on a double blow up mattress but our family needed something to sleep on and I am not all that happy with sleeping on the floor, I struggle to get up in the morning.

You should have seen what we managed to ram into an Audi A6 for 4 people to go camping together - hilarious, I swear that the boot gets larger when I show it "stuff" that I need to get into it! HEHEHE. The photo does not do it justice to be honest, not everything was in the car at this point, we still had a table out because we were cooking breakfast on it, so the last things to go in were the cool boxes, food, camping grill, backpack with all knives/forks etc in it, not forgetting 4 rather fatter adults to when we arrived! LOL

I had an appointment today to see a new spinal surgeon in Marbella called Dr Ayllon. My 2 year check up was due and I also want an explanation for the new lumbar pain I have been experiencing over the past few months (which I suspected was a disc).

He looked through all the history I took with me that dated back since 1998, the time I had my S1 injection.

He also went through all the x-rays and mri scans that I took with me and confirmed that it is my L2/L3 and L3/L4 disc that is causing me the pain, he also noticed a fracture in L4 vertebrae that has been there for some time and out of all the Drs I have seen he was the first to notice! I mentioned this fracture to a Dr here and he dismissed as being fine so I walked away and ignored it ----- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I am going for another x-ray on Monday as all I have had taken over the years are x-rays of me standing up, he wants to see x-rays of me bending over backwards and then forwards to make sure there is no abnormality happening there, apart from the discs.

He said my body is trying to naturally fuse anyway so he would suggest a further fusion using screws and a plate for L3 and L4 discs-----------eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk

I was upset earlier and had a little cry, although I knew what was coming it is painful to hear someone say it to you, that is a professional, all it does is confirm your worst fears.

I am not sure I have big enough balls to agree to further fusion, not sure where I will get the bottle from. I can of course stay as I am, but I don’t think I can cope to be honest, and he did say that a natural fusion could cause its own problems such as trapping a nerve which would then need to be addressed anyway - *sighs*

So I now wait until Monday with baited breath to see the outcome of the x-ray and what he would recommend from there. We also talked about artificial discs and he said that he did research when he was in Cambridge with artificial discs and he is not convinced that they actually work or help, perhaps they do help a healthy person but not someone with Scoliosis.

More surgery scares me, when I had my first surgery I was only 12 and non the wiser, it seems so much more frightening now I am all grown up! (well maybe ;)


Judith said…
Oh, poor baby! Surgery has come on in leaps and bounds since you had your first lot, and I know it's scary but tell yourself how much better you will feel afterwards, if it's needed.

Thinking of you
Hi Judith

This is true in the cases where Scoliosis surgery has not already been performed, for us old harrington rod patients there isn't that much room for movement, they won't take the rods out because the operation is too life threatening, but if they did my life might be a bit easier, I only have 3 verterbrae and 3 discs in my lumbar spine left, if they fuse 2 of those I am left with one and I wonder where that may leave me in 10 years time.

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