My daughter had a go at me!

Just goes to show that someone reads my posts! My eldest (23) has reminded me that she is also a member of the scoli community. She's got it as much as I have and describes the same symptoms (pain in icky chairs, goes in more on one side than the other). Well, in my case I am too fat to have much of a waist so it's harder to tell, but I know it's there!

So that's two out of three kids, and I am going to have to watch the youngest like a hawk. The fact that he's a boy will, I hope, mean less chance of his developing scoli. He's autistic and it would be impossible to explain any treatment that became necessary. Still, he's lost weight and, as far as I can see, he "goes in" to the same extent on each side.

I hope Simone is feeling better and that the trip was great.

Best wishes to all


Hola Judith

Thanks for your well wishes, we had a nice holiday, it is good to be home but the strangest thing is happening to me. I slept for 6 nights on a fisherman's camp bed and woke every morning pain free but when I come home and sleep on my memory foam mattress I wake after 3-4 hours and sleep on the sofa!
AIS in males

Might interest you Judith

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