Must sort this back ache out

I've got a new sort of back ache as well as the rib bump one just now, it's right below my shoulder blades in the middle, every time I wake up in the morning. Plus my neck hurts. And quite often I wake up with a numb arm. I wonder they're all scoli things? I have a habit of blaming everything on scoliosis though...think I will go to the GP and see if I can get something done. But what treatments are there for adults, that you don't have to pay for, other than pain killers? Will they think I'm malingering or trying to jump on some sort of bandwagon because of Laura's surgery?

I once went to a chiropractor but it cost £££ and all I got was an X ray taken at a dodgy angle that made me look like I had a 90 degree curve and didn't even show me in sexy shoes like the one on the right. The treatment for it all consisted of trying to wrench my head off my body (which wasn't having any - loud popping and crunching noises told me that), while I sat with a silly grin so that the kids (I'd had to take them along) wouldn't be scared. He should have paid me!

This was all prompted by my calling Laura "Scoli Girl" and her reply "You've got it worse than me now!". Does you good to have a laff.

BTW and in case anyone read that post, I didn't take the teaching work. And any regrets I might have had vanished the very first time I woke up at the weekend, realised I didn't have to get up for that job and went back to sleep again, despite the back ache!


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