Scoliosis with an added bit of Zen!

Hey everyone, I have just come back from a short break, we left the morning after my last blog post actually.

We drove down to Barrosa Beach in Cadiz and stayed in the Iberostar hotel - Andalucia Playa - it was lovely, we slept for 2 days thereabouts. We were so tired and really needed a break, moving house, working hard, furnishing another house, organising it for rent, fighting daily pain with Scoliosis and a host of other activities, putting it mildly - bushed!

I would rather have gone without the car journey but once we had arrived I was in heaven, first time we had gone to a hotel that served buffet style food every night but we soon got used to that and worked out the rules and regulations surrounding how to eat buffet! ;)

We had cocktails during the day around the pool, lounged on sunbeds all day long and every now and then we went for a walk on the beach and a play in the sea, Cadiz is on the Atlantic coast so the waves are alot of fun.

I had a Thai Zen facial which was an experience, my face felt amazing afterwards and once we had covered the ground rules regarding no massage on my back or neck she went to work. Hot steamed towels and facial creams were just so soothing and relaxing, I will have another facial in the next hotel that's for sure.

I had Bowen the day after I arrived home (30th July) and mentioned that while on holiday I had some trouble moving my neck and I had shooting pains going through my donor site which was not very pleasant. What I found very strange was that I slept very well on their crappy beds, yet at home I have an all singing, all dancing memory foam, adjustable electric bed and I wake very early in the morning to pain and have to try out the spare bed before finally giving up and getting up.

Maybe the drinking was playing a part in the sleeping saga, now don't get me wrong I wasn't getting plastered every night but Chris and I shared a bottle or two of wine with sprite every night with dinner, perhaps this made me relax more and enabled me to sleep for that little bit longer.

I don't enjoy a drink at home on my own, I am more of a social drinker so I don't think I could get into the habit of a glass of wine with dinner every night - we will have to wait and see, maybe I might just give it a go! ;)

I go for Bowen again on Wednesday and this week I don't have many different feelings to report, I am still getting the very sore back of a morning where I find it difficult to stand up, I find myself clutching my back and walking very slowly into the spare room to prop myself up on pillows and wait for sleep to take me again or for the pain to dissipate.

I have also noted that my tolerance of working at a table has decreased even more, it just does not do me any favours, my shoulders complain, my neck starts to hurt and then today my arms have been aching also.

Well I am going to sign out for now and try to get some sleep

Love to one and all


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