Scoliosis and continuous pain.......

I haven't posted for a while about my Bowen therapy, I am still having that every week and feel I cannot live without it. Unfortunately, my pain is still there and when I wake after being laid down on my memory foam bed for a few hours, I wake, really stiff and can hardly move, I end up in the spare bed packed up with pillows and a roll pillow under my knees, leg spread as far apart as I can get them just to get some relief.

I do not understand it because I wake up feeling really awful and I struggle to move about with increased amounts of shooting pains across the lumbar, I have to move really slowly just to get out of bed and then I walk bent double to get to the spare room - this happens every single day and I tell you what - it is starting to wear me down.

Not only do I have this pain in my lumbar but I have pain in my shoulders that I cannot seem to shift, I feel it coming and then the pain starts to build, gets really sharp and then fades away again, I am always rolling my shoulders to try and get some release, I will mention this to my therapist on Wednesday when I go again. She has been working on my coccyx and when you have coccyx work done you cannot have other movements done to you, she will do the left side first and then the right side, one week after the other, the first I had coccyx work done it was very painful and you are not supposed to get pain there, however, the last 2 times my coccyx was done I did not feel the same pain that I did before, this is good news!

I went to a party on Saturday night with all my mates and I had a great time, although I did do some dancing and this could be the explanation for the increased pain yesterday and today - annoys me rigid it does, I am 32 years old and unless I live the life of an old lady I suffer badly for it!

I am still trying to get an appointment with Dr Ayllon at the USP hospital in Marbella, not much joy at the moment, I want to see him in September to get a diagnosis on what we think may be causing the pain ................ a disc.

I will continue to deal with these pains as usual and keep trying to find an explanation for it until I can see this new Dr.

Laters everyone :)


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