My first blog post! Stream of consciousness R us

Just got back from an "Introduction to Sewing Machines" workshop. Along with 7 other people whose cumulative age was probably less than mine!

"machine - Judith, Judith machine". Now make an apron.

And I did! I finished first as well. This might have been something to do with the fact that the chairs were the usual scoli-rib unfriendly sort and I spent the whole time fidgeting, so I went as fast as I could! "Granny's finished" I shouted and they all looked at me blankly.

Better than working, though. I've had a whole week off, doing all sorts of things I can't usually, like meet up with my best friend from primary school. I hadn't seen her for 30 years (don't try doing the maths - we last got together when we were in our twenties). Got my hair cut on Friday, the hairdresser tried to sell me a "product" every time I mentioned anything that was less than perfect. Perhaps if I'd stayed long enough (fidget fidget) he'd have offered me one of those scoli-cushions we all want. Or perhaps not - more likely pile ointment.

But as of Monday, it's back on my head. Or rather back on my (homeworking) office chair, fidget fidget. I've got a week's worth of e mails to get through, with my (autistic) son bending my ear at the same time about going bowling. I'd rather be doing this - would you rather be reading it?


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