Scoliosis surgery and less recovery time?

I just read a post from Houston regarding a new technique for back surgery, I am glad that Scoliosis surgery is getting better as each year rolls on by, I just wish all this great technology was around when I needed my surgery :(

-- New techniques for back surgery are getting kinder and gentler. But we've never had a kinder, gentler scoliosis surgery until now.

How about a surgery with a six week recovery instead of six months? And having two inch incisions instead of one big one? It's rare to have something new for scoliosis. But the X-LIF is new and a blessing for Linda Jaynes.

"I used to fall a lot because leaning forward I fell," she said.

"It didn't matter whose house we would go to -- she would lie on the floor or on the couch," said Linda's husband Jerry.

ABC13 have a movie for you to watch - Scoliosis surgery


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