Is the damp making my Scoliosis pain worse?

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope your New Year was a good one and may 2008 be a good year for you.

I had to stay in on New Year's Eve, the first time ever! I got up New Year's Eve morning and struggled to walk, I got better as the day went on but we all decided that I should stay home and not stand all night in the square - I was gutted to be honest for the first time in 31 years I have stayed in on New Year and my Scoliosis was the cause of this - part of my overcompensation syndrome is not missing out!!!!!!!

We had friends over for dinner and we cooked lamb for 6 people and that was very nice, at least we had some entertainment, we played games for a few hours until midnight came and the clock started to strike - in Spain we eat a grape per each clock dong and drink champagne, we eat 12 grapes and then sing hehehe

It got me thinking this morning when I got up, the house we have moved into has some damp problems in the bedroom and the rooms are very cold - I know damp can play merry hell with people's health over long periods of time and I wondered if the damp bed and rooms are not helping my spine - and this is why I have ached every morning that I have lived here?

We are going to have damp specialists round to find out the cost of having the whole house damp coursed throughout.

I am still struggling to walk when I get up every morning, once I get going I am OK but this doesn't help me the next day, however, I can't lie in bed all day, it just doesn't suit me :)


Surviving. Scoliosis said…
Hey there :)

I'm not that talkative today - I wonder way?! MY DAMN BACK!

I hope I don't bring ya down...wanted to respond to your post, will send a longer email when I get some details of my own (I have my doctor appointment this week, so nervous...also, the mattress, once I get the payment sorted should all be fine..will let you know) Regarding the damp, I'm not even sure what that means? as in your room is "wet like damp" don't even know if that makes sense to you, but I am almost sure that any damp condition is not good for your health...good to hear you are doing something about it..good luck sweets...sorry to hear you are going through that, especially after a move in :(

What I do know for a fact is that the cold is BAD BAD BAD for my back!!! talking through experience here unfortunately...when the weather is cold, the mornings are even worse than they usually are..which is pretty bad...everywhere aches, so I make sure to cover up pretty well cuz in the end I pay the price...

Talk laters and hope you feeling better hun :) xxx

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