Gardening and Scoliosis

Since feeling a lot better with myself I have started the gardening once again, I just love to be outside in the garden, trouble is, gardening is such hard work, especially when you see the weeds I am packing in my garden!

Gardening knee pads are wonderful or I have found that an old sofa cushion is even better - thing is, I struggle to get up off the floor when I am using a cushion and this makes me ache even more, catch 22 scenario - yet again for someone who has Scoliosis.

If I remember, I drag the cushion around but I find that leaning on one on my knees, which makes me part bent over, seems to be the most comfortable way for me to garden.

Do you garden and find it hard work with Scoliosis? Tell me what you think :)

Speak soon and have a good one


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