The Creaking Post Syndrome

Yup, that's me, I sound like a creaking gate in the mornings so I decided to create a syndrome, there are so many popping up these days, I thought "why not create my own", Drs don't seem that bothered with our pains and aches - according to them Scoliosis doesn't cause pain - laughable really!

I think I have some kind of arthritis in my Facet Joints, I have always had problems in my facet joints since surgery, however, I did not know this until I got hold of my medical notes - they failed to tell me - oh how great!

Not sure if you have noticed, I am feeling slightly sarcastic today, I think it is because of my "creaking gate syndrome", I am fed up with getting up every morning feeling achy and having pain and then having to smile and pretend everything is A OK.


Surviving.Scoliosis said…
I know that feeling hun (being sarcastic cuz you've just had enough and putting on a smile when the physical pain is killing you inside) :( I am feeling like that today..probably not the best time to post a comment..but hey I know what you mean most of the time...I hate the mornings..still hoping for a morning where I open my eyes and not feel the good old days...someday..sigh :(

hmmm the "Creaking Post Syndrome" sounds so painful - I am sure it is...I can almost see it in your post :( although I have a lot of pain and know exactly what you mean about the mornings and everything else you have posted in this post, I don't really understand the creaking u mean you hear the creaking literally? sorry to sound ignorant about it, but I wasn't sure exactly what you meant...either way it's painful I am sure :(

Hope this week is better for you..I am actually having a pretty bad one..everything is getting on my nerves..will keep you posted with my news..u too!!! :) xxxx

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