Aches and Pains - Scoliosis

Since writing about my "Creaking Post Syndrome", we moved our bed into the 2nd bedroom, this means I no longer have to climb over the end of the bed to get in and out of bed.

This teamed with the fact that we have damp issues with the house was really making me feel old every morning. Now that I am able to get out of bed in the normal manner, the pain has subsided and I feel great in the mornings again - I was getting concerned about this as I have had my Memory Foam Mattress for a few years and always felt really good in the mornings (my bed is my sanctuary) but when we moved house this seemed to change and at least now I know why the pain was coming in the morning - us Scoliotics don't need to be climbing over anything!

My period is now on its way however, this means I will be in agony for at least a week and on my pain killers so that my life may continue - it is such a shame that us Scoliotics have to prepare for such occasions and worry about the time of the month, how we climb over certain objects, how we bend over, how far we walk, how we get in and out of the bath, how we shave our legs or paint our toenails, what chair we sit in, what bed we sleep in, what cushions we need to help support us while we sleep - the list is endless!!!

I must admit, now that we have moved away from the house with the stairs (they were a killer!) and now that we have the bed in the right room for me (even though I lose my en-suite), I have noticed the benefit of living in a one level house, the pains I was getting in our other house were down to the stairs and I know that now, and also, if I need my wheelchair I am much more independent than I was in our previous domain :)

Happy Days - almost :)

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