Scoliosis and Stairs

We have just moved house and boy has that taken it's toll, moving and lifting boxes, packing and then unpacking........I am sure you know the drill.

The last house we lived in had stairs and I was battling them daily, this gave me bad lumbar pain and caused me to walk bent over after a long day, it became distressing and annoying.

I am so pleased that we have now moved home and I have no stairs anymore, life has become so much easier for me and I do not miss the stairs from the other house!

Despite all the packing and unpacking it has been worth the stress to move, I am hoping that over time my pain will become less and less, however, I am into gardening and weeding at the moment and that is a killer but I am taking that easy.

Tonight though, I am very sore in my lumbar, the pain is not a sharp one but a dull ache and it feels like I am going to have a muscle spasm and I hate muscle spasms it is the worst pain ever!

I am looking forward to going to bed now - my memory foam mattress always makes me feel better and I know that in the morning I will feel great for a while until I start moving once more ;)


Amy said…
Thank you for providing such a wonderful link for me :). It saddens me to hear that people have the same issues that I do, but it reminds me that I'm not alone. The drive to raise awareness of our condition is a wonderful thing :)

I wish you luck with your pain, and I hope it doesn't get worse.
surviving scoliosis said…
Hi there :) it's surviving scoliosis...just so you know (I sent in an email with this address)...thought I would check out your blog see what's new...good to know the move is over..sorry you had to go through pain though :(

This week has been horrible..period week which means my pain goes to a point which I serioulsy don't know how I take it!!! I am still waiting for my results from my doctors, I sent one to the US one to London and one to Germany..

Once I get some information will send it to your email along with the links, in case they never know :)

Take care and will keep in touch :)

btw this mattress, does it work?? I might order one, I hope they deliver overseas...ever since my surgery, my mornings have been horrible, I serioulsy miss the days where I didn't even know what morning pain was :(

I got your email and I have it in my inbox to reply to you, you beat me to it ;)

The pain is very localised at the moment but I can feel a spasm attack coming my way, it is my own fault - too much overcompensation syndrome!

I know exactly where you are coming from with the period, the pain is just awful isn't it, takes your breath away?

Please do send me the information you get back from the Drs, I will be interested to hear about it.

Do you use any heat pads? I will do a blog post about it for you, so you can see what I am talking about.

As for the memory foam mattress, yes it does work, I have had mine for 4 years now and OMG I wouldn't go back to anything but what I have, the gentleman that sold me the bed, saved my life - in my eyes, a good night's sleep always helps you fight the next day!

I will post some information about them too, and yes he does post worldwide, he sent mine to Spain ;)

Speak soon love!

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