Scoliosis and Spasms

Well, here they are again, the dreaded lumbar muscle spasms. I am back wearing my TLSO, cannot make any sudden movements, can't bend over to pick anything up off the floor, can't dress myself, can't even wipe my own bottom!

I am walking half bent over forward and then bent over to the left, I cannot relax my back, I am only comfortable when I sit still with my bottom back in my chair, a cushion half way up my back and my head forward.

Having a bath helps and heat is a wonderful comfort - however, my heat pads do not arrive until next Thursday, until then, I will have to make do with my microwave patches.

I was carrying a single towel to the bathroom last night, from the kitchen to the lounge, which isn't far, I didn't make it, I had an almighty spasm which sent me to my knees, this caused the spasm to be more fierce - frightening as I just didn't know what to do with myself, I couldn't move my legs, couldn't bend over, roll over - I was just in a heap screaming and my husband wondering whether he should just grab me to get me to my feet - but he was thinking "if I do that I may hurt her even more".

I had to meet clients today so I slowly got dressed, using my grabber to help me, put my TLSO to keep me fairly upright and then used my wheelchair to go and meet my client - in absolute agony. I impress myself sometimes!

I had a 2.5mg Valium in bed last night, to help relax my muscles and allow me to sleep, I also had one tablet of Voltaren - another NSAID to help my muscles relax and stop the throbbing.


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