Scoliosis and the funny walk!

I got up this morning and OMG do I hurt, I am having to wear my back brace TLSO because I just cannot keep myself upright and if I try to right myself it hurts so much, the muscles on my right hip contract and then I cry out and try to find a position that is comfortable for me.

I hate wearing the brace but sometimes it does make me feel better, I am just glad it is not Summer, I cannot even begin to consider wearing a brace when it is Summer in Spain, too damn hot!

I think this has come on because I was sitting on a cushion on the floor last night, leaning back and forth to get my drink from the table - a bit unfair if this is the cause, but hey, this is life with Scoliosis I suppose, if your back decides to stop you from what you are doing, it WILL!

I think in a few hours I will be working in bed as tomorrow we have a busy day seeing clients, collecting deposits or final payments for their work and I need to be walking upright at least.

I had a look in the mirror earlier and I am almost bent over double but sideways, if you know what I mean, I can really tell that I have Scoliosis when I look in the mirror at the moment, I don't ever get upset about this, I have Scoliosis and now all I have to do is learn to live with it the best I can, I haven't done a bad job over the last 18 years ;)

It is difficult for my husband to understand how I am feeling right now, I tried to explain that when I am like this, I am constantly wanting to right myself and stand straight and that feeling on it's own is tiresome, add the pain into the mix as well and that is how I am feeling today, he of course, doesn't understand and how can he, he has never had a back complaint, let alone a severe spinal curve!

I don't have any heat pads at the moment, only electric heat blankets, my parents arrive on the 20th and she will bring them for me, a bit of localised heat wouldn't go a miss right now and the heat pads I usually have a stock of, go down a treat, they last for 12 hours and really give deep heat to your muscle core.


Julie said…

I can so relate to how you were feeling when you wrote this xx
I have spent many days over the last 20 years feeling that way :o(

How are you now?

I've just had spinal surgery and am laid up in bed going through recovery stage.

I wish you well xx
Julie x
Hola Julie

Thanks for your comments and I am glad I am able to display my feelings on the blog as sometimes I want to just scream the house down and sometimes I do!

I have got progressively worse since last year and I have an appointment with a Dr tomorrow, all related to my disc issues and I think this is where the main pain is coming from.

I hope your recovery will be successful as I wish the surgery has given you a new lease on life, please take it easy, we have a page on the website about surgery aftercare that may help you.

Keep in touch and join the group for support if you wish

Simone xoxox

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