I am fed up with this Scoliosis right now!

I got up feeling great this morning, I always do though I must admit, my bed takes my pain away and I sleep so well, however, once I had got going and walking round the garden, the pain was back and I had to reach for the brace again. Without the brace I cannot keep myself upright.

I have just sat down after doing minimal chores (which ain't much!) to write this blog post, I will continue with jobs but I am really having to make an effort to stand, walk or do anything, I am so frustrated.

New house and new beginnings and I am sat indoors looking out on my wonderful garden unable to do much of any significance, pissed off doesn't even come close, but I suppose this is the STORY OF MY LIFE and living with Scoliosis is now a chore anyway!

I am finding this pain difficult to explain, it is almost definitely a muscle that keeps trying to spasm and every now and then goes into full spasm - this explains the screaming ;)

I am extremely unfcomfortable, forever shifting my weight and I feel like I want to be stretched (I know it would hurt though), I am not too bad sat down, I have to get myself surrounded by pillows and squishy cushions, legs bent at the knee, level with my hips and then the back pain goes into the background.

I have tried some Yoga stretches but I can't push it too far otherwise the muscle spasms, strangely as this may sound, I like the pain sometimes...............this is going to sound really weird, it's a bit like putting salt and vinegar on a spot that you have on your tongue - maybe this is just me!!!!

I am not saying I like pain but this feeling of wanting to be stretched makes me try and stretch the muscles, this does bring me to the limit of my pain and before the pain gets really bad, I like the feeling, it's almost as if I am telling myself, "just a bit more and then it will all go away" - no chuffing chance yet :(

I have taken more Voltaren today and for someone who does not like to take pain killers and waits until the last minute before she takes any form of drug - that is saying something.

I prefer to let my body's own defences do their magic, and make sure I get plenty of fresh fruit and veg into my diet, allowing my body to fight using it's own morphine - this little forumla isn't cutting the mustard right now, I ran for the pills :D

Looking forward to another day tomorrow and more sweets!


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