A day in the life of Scoliosis

I am feeling a lot better today and the brace has now come off, my back muscles are now able to support me much better - the last few days have been hell and I can honestly say this is the worst I have been in many years, the last time I had a bout of pain and discomfort as bad as this was in 2000, I really thought that time was the end of me!

However, in 2000 I was not as knowledgeable about Scoliosis as I am today, I did not have my memory foam mattress, I was not using heat pads or microwave heat patches, I didn't have the support from my Scoliosis members and needless to say, I felt all alone.

I must have pulled a muscle as the pain was so acute and localised and sent me bending over to the left and walking very strangely indeed, so much so, my right leg started to give me some pain because that had been taking all the weight with my body being in the wrong position.

I went for a walk on Sunday - in this state, all the Drs tell you that exercise is what you need and laying down in bed is not, well I have to say that I disagree, not in all cases, but certainly in mine over the last few days, I feel this is what caused my leg to hurt so much, pushing myself to the limit once more and not doing myself any favours.

I am pleased that my back is starting to right itself again, especially as my parents arrive tomorrow for 2 weeks and I am looking forward to not doing much work over Christmas, relaxing, enjoying the mulled wine and all the choccies :D


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